Why follow Jesus?

If you have clicked on this link, don't give up now.

The truth is friend, that you know that something is missing in your life, a void, something that needs to be filled by something or someone. Central to the Christian faith is the acknowledgement that each of us are sinners and that that sin is the cause of separation from God who is completely good and completely holy. However, there is one human who is also God in flesh, whose names is Jesus who is completely holy. By acknowledging our sin and seeking repentance, and choosing to follow the teachings of Jesus: 'to love God and to love our neighbour'. Through faith in Jesus made possible by God's graciousness, we can be reunited with God and be assured of spending eternity with him. Jesus will take all those who have faith in him to himself, and spare them God's righteous judgement. Therefore, we all need Jesus, because:

  1. His way and his way alone is good.
  2. He will bring true everlasting peace.
  3. He will save you from the day of judgement.
  4. He loves you and gave his life for you.
  5. He has the authority to pardon you of your sins.
There is so much more to tell you about Jesus. Why not come along on a Sunday to learn more.
We also have literature that you can read that explains why you need Jesus.