CBA (Central Baptist Association)

The Central Baptist Association serves Baptist Churches in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.
Who we are
The churches that comprise the Association are grouped into Forums to reflect the former county associations that merged to form the Central Baptist Association.
Through their forum, churches are able to maintain their fellowship, clustering and mission together at a local level. Each forum has its own Moderator and Secretary.
Mission statement
The Regional Ministry Team and Association Council have a vision that by 2010 every church will have:
A course for faith and discipleship
A project in the community for the community
A concern to reach across cultural divides
A share in strategic mission planning
A responsibility for supporting Baptist Mission
Together we can!
How the vision developed
In developing the Association's Mission statement, Helen Wordsworth explains that there are important principles from Luke 9:57-10:24 which shaped it. These include:
Commitment to prayer
Communication of vision
Cultural sensitivity
Cost awareness
Connecting and equipping people 
Constructive reflection
The BUGB Five Core Values gave basic shape to the strategy that seeks to build churches which are: A missionary community, A prophetic community, An inclusive community, A worshipping community, and A sacrificial community
Helen says that research showed that five things were found to be the most urgent needs: 
To make the Gospel accessible to non-church-goers  
To develop more community/social action projects
To learn to engage with other cultures
To respond to the challenges of new housing development
To increase the resources we have available for mission
Therefore in order to achieve all this the Regional Team will:
Envision, promote, and teach holistic mission
Enable churches to release members for service beyond their local church
Encourage inclusive clusters of churches appropriately resourcing one another
Explore new ways to respond to church planting and mission opportunities
Enlarge our financial resources to implement mission priorities

Rickmansworth Baptist Church supports The CBA through our retiring offering during Sunday morning worship for two months each year and through occasional donations.


If you would like to make a Gift Aid declaration with your giving to the CBA, please go to the web site or contact the Treasurer.



















Keith Wall, 21/10/2010