HMF (Home Mission Fund)

Put quite simply Home Mission is the Baptist family purse. Home Mission provides:
Funding for the thirteen associations
Each association has a team of regional ministers and other staff who support the local church pastorally, advise on mission and practical matters and organise a variety of useful training events.
Funding for the national resource
The national resource centre at Baptist House in Didcot, Oxfordshire provides advice or help for all member churches on mission, ministry and communications matters, on legal and financial issues and also provides a variety of useful publications for Baptist churches and colleges. Many staff come from either professional (e.g. accountancy, finance, HR, legal, communications, secretarial, social work) or ministerial backgrounds and are all here to serve the Baptist family.
Grants to churches and other organisations
This year around £1.9m will be given to churches and other organisations (mainly churches) to help them in their mission. Most grants are given to fund the cost of ministry but some are given to help start a variety of mission projects.
Rickmansworth Baptist Church supports Home Mission through an envelope scheme, by special events and by committing itself to give a minimum sum each financial year.

If you would like to make a Gift Aid declaration with your giving to HMF, please go to the web site or contact the Treasurer.











Keith Wall, 21/10/2010